Samantha || Portraits

She had an air about her that seemed calm, and confident. Maybe it was in the way she batted her eyelashes or moved about the room. Samantha was a pleasure to meet and work with in many ways. She was able to let loose and be herself. As an upcoming actress who is used to smiling for all her shoots, we had fun throwing in some more serious tones here and there. You can see Samantha in action on one of Lyft's commercials - here!

Paris, and so much love || Natalie + John

Sometimes, life throws you for a loop. In this particular loop, I ended up in Paris, France with my most favorite photographer, Vivian. When we arrived at Natalie and John's to stroll around the city, capturing their little moments, I knew instantly that this couple had a strong bond. Little did I know how awesome they would be. As two entrepreneurs, co-founding their company La Saison, it was easy to see the passion they both possessed. It poured out from their souls.  The positive attitude of Natalie was contagious. John's amicable demeanor complimented her ever so politely, and with humor at that. We all couldn't get enough words in, ending up in a little restaurant - trying out escargot for the first time. I feel so lucky, so thankful, for experiences like these when I have the chance to meet people like this. Connecting is everything. I am moved just writing about it. 

Anne-Michelle + Dave || 10 Years of Love

When Dave contacted me over the phone about doing an anniversary session, I knew off the bat that these two were going to be a delight to work with. Little did I know, until I met them both, how very delightful their session would actually be. And to put the icing on the cake, they wanted the location to be in one of the city's oldest cemeteries, which is exactly where I have been wanting to shoot ever since moving to New Orleans. The session started off there, on the exact day of their 10 year anniversary. The air was crisp, but the light was ever so soft. I felt connected to them both, like we had been friends before now. Anne-Michelle's confidence was striking. The way Dave looked at her and would gently move the hair out of her eyes showed a beautiful understanding. This is Anne-Michelle & Dave, after 10 years of an undying love.

Christy + Jesse || Wedding Bells

A venue filled with artist installations is always bound to make for a beautiful wedding, and this one was nothing short of exactly that. Christy and Jesse share a both stunning and classic look. They were both so easy going and calm on their special day, which made for extra special photographs! Cheers to the newlyweds! 

Shot alongside // viviansachs Photography

Venue // montalvoarts center

MUA + Hair // jolidejackie

Carolina + Jon || Engaged

Pups always make engagement sessions a little more lively, especially when they double as assistants! Golden Gate Park can be distracting with all the squirrels and action going on, but these guys played the part and looked even cuter when they started panting from all the hard work. Congratulations to Carolina & Jon! 

Aimee || Portrait

My other sister, Aimee, also came for a first-time visit to San Francisco. Nicknaming her Poison Ivy, we loved this shoot in front of a gorgeous ivy covered wall in Pacific Heights. Aimee is a talented textile designer and artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She hand dyed and printed the headband featured below! You can check out more of her lovely work here:

Hom Family || Portraits

Family portraits are one of my favorite sessions because I always enjoy watching the love and dynamics between each unique familial bond. Melia and Jazmin were the sweetest little darlings. Melia was so gentle with her little sister as she read to her and gave her the flowers she picked. And Jasmine was content the entire time enjoying every second of sunshine. It doesn't get much cuter than this!