Paris, and so much love || Natalie + John

Sometimes, life throws you for a loop. In this particular loop, I ended up in Paris, France with my most favorite photographer, Vivian. When we arrived at Natalie and John's to stroll around the city, capturing their little moments, I knew instantly that this couple had a strong bond. Little did I know how awesome they would be. As two entrepreneurs, co-founding their company La Saison, it was easy to see the passion they both possessed. It poured out from their souls.  The positive attitude of Natalie was contagious. John's amicable demeanor complimented her ever so politely, and with humor at that. We all couldn't get enough words in, ending up in a little restaurant - trying out escargot for the first time. I feel so lucky, so thankful, for experiences like these when I have the chance to meet people like this. Connecting is everything. I am moved just writing about it.