Stephens Family Lifestyle Session

When Lauren contacted me about wanting to set up a lifestyle family session as soon as her second baby was born, I was over the moon as I love intimate at-home settings. It is an honor when a family lets you in to their personal lives and home to create beautiful images. The icing on the cake is when there's a 7 day old newborn involved! Baby James slept like a champ the entire time as his big sister was still getting used to figuring out how to hold him. With Dad being a Pilot in the U.S. Navy, we got creative with his helmet, which the baby fit right inside like a puzzle! To finish up the session, we went on a little walk to watch the St. Charles trolley pass by while trying to re-create one of Lauren & Adam's wedding photos with their now family of 4. Does it get much sweeter than this??! Thanks again to the Stephens' family for allowing me into a snippet of your lives to capture these timeless moments!


Baby Luke

It's amazing how life can change all in one day. We had the joy of getting to meet sweet Baby Luke and all his adorableness at the hospital less than 24 hours of his arrival here on earth. This session, in particular, totally melted my heart with his Mama, Sarah, being one of my dear friends and artist colleague at Auburn University. Hearing her speak to her brand new baby for the first few times in his life was incredible to watch. It's like she had known him all along, so confident and sure of his nature. This fresh 48 session had my heart fluttering and was surely one I won't forget. Thank you Sarah and Matt for letting me be a part of this exciting time for your family! We can't wait to see those little chubby cheeks this summer for an at home session ON FILM!! These are the moments that define dreams.


Baby Samantha

After getting to know Virginia + Mike during their maternity session, I couldn't wait to meet their baby girl who would soon be entering a house full of love. A mere five days old, Samantha is already an adorable little bundle of cuteness. She was happiest outside in the warm sunshine. Something about seeing, holding a brand new little human gives me all types of feelings. How tiny those hands and ears and feet are. It's remarkable, really. Her life on earth has just begun and she will grow and learn and stretch and cry and laugh just like all of us. They have loved her before they met her and that is nothing short of beautiful. Congratulations to the newest little family!

Eden || Brand New Baby

This little guy is already a heart breaker, and he has only been here just a few short weeks! Megan and Davis have been long time friends so we especially couldn't wait to meet the newest tiny addition to the family! If one thing turns out to be true, we know Eden will have some cool parents and a great taste in music. We had a big day, full of photos with all the furry and non-furry family members. By the end, Eden was ready for dinner and a nice long nap. We love him already and can't wait to watch him grow! Congratulations again to the happy & proud Mama and Dad!!